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Do you have an opinion on what led up to the riots
in Ferguson,  Mo  ?
  More info will come out
I can't imagine a regular professional police officer to
shoot someone without cause.
   There must be more to this than that.
(Hands up and then you shoot him)
     I don't all the facts   A decent officer (his name is Wilson) Isn't it odd.?
    How do you think this will turn out?
Are there any similar experiences that have happened before?

Hello Dick,
There is no value in commenting on an open case.
Until the facts and circumstances have been gathered, and presented for review, by competent authority...(usually a county DA, state AG or Grand Jury of jurisdiction)....the first threshold will then be determined.
If there is enough merit, to proceed to the next court of consideration, then, and only then, will there be a conclusion, that comports to law.
The Judiciary deals with issues of law, and the jury deals with issues of fact/evidence.

Their perception, becomes the case reality.
The officer involved, like anybody else, is responsible for his actions, or lack of actions.

If you want to gain a better grasp of the law, study TN v. Garner...which is a U. S. Supreme Court case on police and deadly force.

Semper fi,

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