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Hi, I'm not sure you can help me, but I don't know who else to ask. Can you tell me, is it legal to bring a chair to a sidewalk in front of businesses to watch an event? Thank you.

Hello Amber,
I am not an attorney.
If this is an important issue to you, consult with the city attorney in that jurisdiction, or the Dist. Atty if in the county.

There will likely be such issues of: impeding pedestrian traffic, public or private property, blocking exits from a business, interfering with fire escape or emergency personnel access, and things along these lines.
What is the purpose of this initiative?

If a business is marketing a form of interest or entertainment, intended to be watched, may be a consideration.

If you are facing the other way, not towards a business, like to the street, typical for watching a parade...the same rules will likely be in place, for the free flow of pedestrian traffic, in/out access to business, and emergency personnel and equipment clear paths must stay unfettered.
Hope this is helpful, from the views of a non-attorney.

Good Luck,

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