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I made few mistakes. 12 years ago I worked for a retail store and admitted to the manager I stole minor things no charges were filed and reimbursed the company for everything. I was not fired and voluntarily quit. I did a bonehead mistake and listened to a Staff Sergeant and agreed to lie about having a fake diploma for i can get into the army back in 2005. I took a voluntary discharge and took a uncharacterized discharge from the army. Its not a Dis-Honorable or a Honorable discharge. I also have few speeding tickets and had my license suspended. Will that hurt my chances for becoming a court officer? I am taking the test in 2 weeks. I will still try but i would like to know my chances anyway.


This is beyond my expertise. You may want to consult an attorney who specializes in Civil Service Law.  Certainly, you are going to be asked about your military experience. The diploma issue could be a case of forging a document. You say a "few" speeding tickets and a suspension.  The circumstances surrounding the speeding tickets and the suspension may raise inquiries.

I have worked on background investigations.  Also, I was a court officer/supervisor.  Some things are reviewed on a case by case basis, depending on the age of the person, history and nature of the offenses. As you know, there are cases that are automatically rejected;  such as an assault or weapons charge.

Perhaps, as you have indicated, you can take the test and see how you score.  However, if you have to complete an employment application first, with a "truthful statement" clause, you will have to review your options.  The application will become part of the background investigation. It is not just the nature of the offenses. It's the applicant's behavior which gives rise to one's integrity and character. These traits are extremely important in a law enforcement role.

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