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I recently just failed a background investigation after passing everything else required to get into the police academy. I understand that they can't tell me why, but I'm at a loss. I've never done drugs,  never convicted any crimes. I didn't lie. I had one ticket for expired registration. I only have one medical bill. I don't have bad credit,  it's just don't have much credit. But,  the thing is i have been dq for the next 3 years and I heard that only happens when it is drug related. Could something have messed up, or could it be because of my medical bill?

I have no idea why you have been dismissed in this process, if things are as you say.
Did you ask a supervisor at HR what it is you can do in the future, in order to be a more attractive candidate?
Maybe ask for a summary of your involvement in the process.

Maybe submit a FOIA form to what ever agency did not think you were worthy.
You might consider looking into another agency, and there are an abundance of opportunities in various regulatory agencies.
BIA (Indian Police) is often an opportunity.

You just need to keep plugging along, until you discover if there is something that will continue to surface, that does not favor your ambitions.

Stay with it, until it becomes obvious to adjust plans.
Good Luck, hope this is helpful.


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