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Nice to meet you. My daughter age 32 told me that police really don't have to work. That there is no rule about it and if they want to 'stand around and look pretty' they are allowed to do so.

It sounds a little strange to me. Why would they bother if they didn't have to.

Hello Joyce,
Wow, what an epiphany......the 31 years in police service I really didn't have to "work", sosayeth your 32 year old police maven daughter.
C'mon Joyce, she is your daughter, and she is no 'kid'. clearly you have a better grasp on reality than to buy into her 1/2 baked notions.

Police need to learn and know their KSA's (knowledge-skills-abilities", and they are required to respond to calls for service, and to respond to emergency or police oriented business on the street, between calls.

Besides, most of the Cops I know, ah....don't 'look pretty', on their best day.

You might want to discover the UCR stats (Uniform Crime Reporting) of te country, in terms of crimes perpitrated...and I know with a measure of certainty, the full jails, prisons, and huge lists on parole and probation just didn't voila happen.
Due dilligence, fiduciary compliance, LAW, jusridictional standards, performance standards, and so on.
I really don't want to spend any more time with this foolishness.
You may just have to fall back on your own conclusions. Maybe in view of Occam's razor, you'll be able to divine a reasoned position that makes sense to you, regardless of your clueless daughter's flight pattern wonderment.
Be well,

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