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When I was 16-18 I smoked pot a few times, but when I was 18 I used a synthetic drug called Red Dove, it was legally sold in stores and I didn't think anything of it. Then I joined the military, my recruiter told me not to mention it since it wasn't actually an illegal drug. I know there is a polygraph test and I have no intention of hiding anything from the cops, is that going to disqualify me? I am 23 now and have served in the army for 2 years and still have 1 left before my contract is up. Its my dream to be a cop I just hope I still can and didn't mess it up when I was a stupid kid.


If every police officer candidate was excluded from working in law enforcement for having used marijuana, we probably wouldn't have enough police personnel.  I would be honest.  The polygraph will detect your nervousness anyway. No one that I am aware of goes into police careers with wings on their back.  Police testers and administrators know we are all humans and not perfect.  Any previous misconduct or illegal behavior should be taken in context of age, level of degree and overall character.  Better to be truthful than wonder if at some time "you'll be found out."

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