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Hi Loren, thanks for reading this, I am 21 years old and am worried about one thing I did from my past which I wanted to know how much it would hurt me for becoming a police officer. My record is totally clean and don't do anything bad at all for years and currently. The only thing is that when I was 16, a girl and I exchanged a inappropriate picture and I had no idea at the time it was illegal and I woudnt have done it if I knew. I just want to know hoe much you think this will affect me?  Thank you

STOP worrying, it accomplishes nothing.

I wouldn't volunteer any unofficial ''youthful exuberance'', but I would tell the truth if questioned.
Simply put, this is about an adult occupation, adult precepts and responsibilities.

The only thing I would prepare myself for, in terms of possible questions, would be associated woth JUDGEMENT and CHARACTER......weave your response into that known fabric, as that will be the basis of such inquiry.

Most juvenile improprieties are sealed or not available for review without cause...
Not a biggie in my humble view.
Drugs, honesty, potential, avoidance of stupid debt, driving record, domestic violence avoidance, etc.maturity, resonsibility  are points of interest.

Think I would avoid an obvious cornball dodge: "one man's art is another man's erotica" or something similar, and as substantively thin.

Good Luck,
Semper Fi

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