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Hi my question is I'm in the middle of a background check with a local city department and I'm friends with the assistant chief. How ever since the background check started he hasn't text me back or anything and I'm not even talking to him about the job. And recently he deleted me off Facebook. Not that I talked to him on there. My question is what does this all mean?

Hello Jonathan,
Prophecy is not one of my gifts, and I am reluctant to respond to such matters.

But in passing, I'll offer you some things to ponder.
Maybe he found something so awful about you, that he seeks to distance himself from you as fast and far as possible.
Or, more likely, he is responding professionally, where even the appearance can be perceived as improper, if others see your association as too cozy to be fair and without bias.

I would suggest you not engage with him until the process is complete.

Propriety is so focused these days, that even a hint of bias, can be exacerbated into compromising a hiring process, and co-opt those involved.

You might review the human recourse standards and even 'vicarious liability' challenges of old court cases, and help you get a grasp of what challenges of 'process' be they real or imagined, can do to an agency, and or an applicant.

So, my vague council, would be to see his actions as smart, proper, and an effort to be fair with you, coupled with his fiduciary responsibilities to the agency...
Hope it works out ok.

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