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QUESTION: I asked you a question before this is a follow up. I have been working for over a year as a bonded peace officer (corrections). I have already filled out a app and answered no to do you have a criminal record and have you been arrested. Because I honestly though I didn't have to mention it what should I do I go next week for polygraph what should I do? And do you think that record will stop me from getting into law enforcement its my dream and all I want to do I'm worried.

ANSWER: I would clarify your response with the polygeaaph examiner....just my opinion.

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QUESTION: What do you mean exactly? And do you think that will keep me from getting into law enforcement? I am really worried because that is all I want to do.

I am kind of responding in the dark, as I don't know, or need to know the particulars....
but off the top of my head, I would explain to the polygraph examiner, that you have no adult criminal history......and leave it at that....or if pressed, admit some youthful indiscretions, that was in the distant past, that you have learned from, and matured from etc...

If there are serious matters, e.g., child molestation or something, you might have trouble convincing them that you don't have issues to be reconciled.
I use that as an example.
It is not unusual, for a LE agency to ask an applicant to waive the juvenile record all decisions need to favor the agency needs at the hire stage.

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