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I've watched police shows on tv. In those shows they often arrest people for narcotics/drug posession. If I'm correct more people die in traffic due to alcohol rather than drugs. Then it is strange to me that possesion of the  most dangerous thing is legal. Sometimes I just get the feeling that the cops are their just doing their job (i.e being paid for following the law without question it at all) instead of actually helping people. I mean, they just seem to take dope from the person and send him/her to jail just like that. Doesn't seem to ethical or morally ok.
Do the cops actually try to help the people? Is their something that we never get to see on them tv shows?

Andrew, it  may come as a shock to you to learn that many cops thing as you do, including myself. The drug laws in this country need a major overhaul and we need to take a more humane look at addiction and who is behind it. As far as cops doing what they are paid to do, there is an expectation that police/sheriffs will adhere to the law as it is applied, whether they agree with it or not. It may also come as a shock to learn that arrests for DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol) are one of the most common arrests that cops make., and I'm sure, but not certain, that alcohol relate arrests far outnumber arrests for drugs (as they relate to driving). Drug arrests are way up there too, but until the laws are changed, a cop is required to do what the law requires. I hope this helps you.

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I`ve spent twenty-five years in law enforcement as a state trooper and deputy sheriff. Retired as a lead homicide investigator. My interest is in answering questions dealing with ethical and moral dilemmas facing officers in the field.

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