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So I want to apply to a few LE agencies in the California region. I go to school and recently started working for my dad's smoke shop. My job is essentially loss prevention but working off site (home) by watching the surveillance footage and make sure the workers are not stealing inventory or money. I also monitor the cameras outside when the store is closed to make sure no one tries to vandalize anything as it has been happening recently. Would this look bad that I work for a smoke shop? I figured loss prevention/surveillance work might look good in a way. Everything we sell in the store is legal. Nothing illegal. All for tobacco use. Water pipes, hookahs, hookah tobacco, e-cigs, cigars, etc.

I would like your opinion on this. I talked to a Police mentor where I would be applying and she told me it should NOT be a problem whatsoever as long as the business is run legally.

Your answer will be greatly appreciated!

I can't possibly make a decision for one of of the thousands of police departments in this country because each and every department has its own rules and hiring standards.

On the other hand I would tend to agree with whoever you talked to that your current employment shouldn't make a bit of difference.

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If you are an author I will be happy to help you however I do expect a reasonable donation using the PayPal icon. U.S.: I am an expert in this category for the purpose of giving young people an idea what the hiring process involves for the position of police officer. I am getting a flood of questions from young people who are being influenced by unrealistic television shows. I'd ask you to consider that when you watch police shows on television that they are NOT realistic and most of what you see does not happen in real life. Please do not ask me about potential jail sentences that you, your friends, or family might receive in court. There is no way for me to know that. I am NOT a probation officer so I cannot answer questions about probation and parole matters. I am a retired police officer with 26 years experience.I worked in a variety of assignments including investigations, homicide, sex crimes, runaway investigations, missing persons, and fraud.I also dealt with the general public during that time giving a wide range of advice on matters such as domestic disputes, problem solving, teenage problems, civil/criminal matters, and dealing with the mentally ill. I am available to give sound and reasonable advice which can solve most problems. Please do not ask me to do homework questions or online interviews. Young people should not rely on the Internet for interviews. Local police officers are normally very agreeable to assist students with interviews and surveys.


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