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I have always wanted to be a state trooper and I've been unable to apply  due to work and it intervening with me not being able to just take the time to take all exams, orientations etc., i am 25yrs old and decided it was time, i provided a 2 week notice at my last job and have been unemployed since 12/4/15, i did save up in preperation to be unemployed for a few months to give my passion in Law Enforcement a shot, so my question is due to me being currently unemployed be an issue (DQ) for the position as i have gone to orientation for FHP and was told i needed to get a job, truth is I'm not looking to work anywhere at this time i just want to focus on becoming a trooper? please help thank you in advance.

Hello Stacy,

I would be curious on why you were told as to WHY you should seek employment.
If the reason is no hiring for the foreseeable future or, if they are working off a fresh eligibility list or something along these lines, it would be nice to know.
Your answer is reasonable, that you are engaged in a well thought out plan...and saved accordingly. Plus, you are deeply engrossed in preparation, to be as competitive as possible. And, devoting your time to study, fitness and review of relevant materials.
Is that a fair and accurate summary?

At some juncture, you will need to seek employment, if the LE position does not surface in a timely manner...have that response available.

Many HR types, get real nervous with gaps of is often a ''red flag'''....time in rehab, time in jail, mental health treatment and so on.
Know that, and bring up your plan prior to the inquiry.

Things to read and study, are: rules of evidence, laws of arrest, Bill of Rights, Deadly force parameters (TN v. Garner)and organizational theory.

Keep in mind, that all states have a Highway Patrol, and there are something like 40k LE jobs in the, a truck full of regulatory positions, with limited police powers.
The BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs is always looking for attractive police candidates.

When you take your oral interview...the two questions you should thoughtfully prepare for (without sounding canned) are:...Why do you want this job? and, In the event you were in a position to require lethal force, are you mentally able to do so?

Hope this is helpful.
Good Luck,
Semper Fi,

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