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I have never been arrested for anything in my life. When I was younger in my early teens I had police contact due to my friends which I have no contact with, and haven't in many years. I myself never did any wrong doing with this group but I see this is a question that pops up. Is this an immediate DQ ?

I did have speeding tickets, moving violations etc, but I have not been pulled over in the past 4+ years and have been doing the right thing since, if not longer. Is this something that will affect me or get me dq'd ?

My father had been arrested a few times when I was a child, I dont know exactly what for though, and this happens to be a question that popped up as well. He passed when I was 18, how do I approach this question ?

I currently have a federally bonded career with an information destruction company in which I handle sensitive documents such as HIPPA and financial information, is this something that can help me to some degree ? They would not hire me if I had a criminal record or any type of negative remarks on my record.

Does a violation for disorderly conduct (No Arrest), expunged and sealed play against me in any way ? I was 17 at the time.


It's difficult to give you a definite answer.  You present several questions.  A background investigation does not only review an unlawful offense, but the individual's behavior.  Behavior might demonstrate recklessness, negligence or other factors.  It's best to be honest with background investigators.  You can explain your conduct.  Any offense, traffic or otherwise, needs to be evaluated in an impartial manner while examining facts. Investigators realize we are all human capable of making mistakes or using bad judgment.

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