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Dear Sir,

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge and hopefully respond to my query. I am a Police Officer with a British Police force in London, England. I have been in the service for almost 13yrs. I am looking to move to the US (KY) and marry a US Citizen whom I've been with for over a year now (long distance relationship). I was wondering if I will be able to transfer to a US Police Department in KY. I am aware I have to obtain my Green Card first, this process will take me approximately 2yrs after marrying. If a transfer is doable, who would I need to contact or speak with? Will I be able to transfer before I become a US Citizen but after I get my Green Card? I read on many US Law Enforcement sites that one has to be a US Citizen before they join, I was wondering if this applies to transferees.

Your response is greatly appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to respond to my query.

All the best.


To the best of my knowledge all US police departments have a requirement for officers to be US citizen by birth or naturalized at the time of their appointment.  The federal office of US Customs would be the first place to explore you needs/goals. Just Google US Customs and see what the requirements are.   I would assume that police academies in the United States have different protocols for training.  The court system, federal, state and local laws would be different.  Firearm tactics, police equipment and civil processes are different.  Perhaps, you can pursue a 2 year criminal justice college degree online while working on your goal of coming to the US.  BE SURE, the degree is accredited by US standards.  There are many diploma mills that have worthless degrees. If your are seeking to eventually move to KY, then consider pursuing an online degree from that state.  Eastern Kentucky University,, is a well known college with a great criminal justice department. Maybe, you can pursue training in computer security/forensics...a good paying field!  Also, working as a university police officer in the US can get you free academy training and US police experience. At a later time, you can transfer to a municipal police department if you desire.

The US citizen process is cumbersome.. So, I don't want to confuse you or give wrong information. This is why I suggest exploring the subject yourself via the Internet.

Best of luck and feel free to contact me for any further assistance.
Bob T  

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