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What is the scope of MBA in recent time? I want to get a masters in administration so I am bit confused about that please guide me.

I can't comment on the scope (or prospects) of an MBA.  It isn't my field.  However, from a lay person's point of view, I think an MBA is a good degree to have.  One's success with it likely depends on (1) where you got it, and (2) your area of expertise.  I think an MBA from Harvard Business School would be good as is the one from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.  Another I've liked is the Keller School of Management in Chicago (because it is taught by people with a track record, or experience, in business). A MBA is largely geared toward the corporate world, I think, though it can be used in small business, too.  When I was in the real estate business, one text encouraged us to get an MBA (and that could be helpful, especially in terms of learning Financing).  I guess the key to an MBA is what you want to do with it and to find a school that will enable you to do it.  It probably helps to go to a prestigious school, too.  Joel  

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