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I'm sorry this might not be part of your expertise but can you know tell me as much as you about Satanism.

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Satanism is probably fairly old as it is rooted in the worship or use of dark forces for personal gain or for curses.  The Hebrew character Lilith, who was Adam's first wife, is a Satan-like character. She is not mentioned in the Old Testament, but in occult or mystical works.  In the Old Testament, Satan is a servant of God, an adversary.  The tradition is that he was an angel, who was expelled from heaven because he would not worship God or accept His authority.  In the New Testament, Satan opposes Christ and is the Antichrist.
    Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan and wrote THE SATANIC BIBLE.  His "Satan" was largely symbolic, representing human desires and lust. LaVey did not see Satan as an actual being, but Satan was mainly "man unleashed."  There is a school of Satanism called The Temple of Set, which associates Satan with the Egyptian Set.
    There are what are called "theistic Satanists."  They have several websites.  They believe that Satan is an actual being, worthy of worship and reverence.
    In its early years, the Theosophical Society had a publication called LUCIFER.  "Lucifer" means "light-bearer," hence a source of wisdom.  Words as Satan, devil, and Lucifer have been used interchangeably.  In some traditions, Satan/Lucifer was not expelled from heaven, but he resigned.  He refused to accept God's authority.  Satan, here, is seen as representing self-reliance.  Joel

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