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As the subject says is there an online/distance learning religious school that has a Bachelors degree in Biblical Languages. I want to learn the original languages of the Bible.

Off-hand, I do not know of any online schools that offer s BA in Biblical Languages.  There is an online school called Liberty University that may or it might be BA in New Testament or Old Testament that may require a proficiency in Greek or Hebrew, respectively.  I think Moody Bible Institute has a Greek course that you can take online (or through independent study) and Brigham Young has a course in Hebrew.  Really, I don't know of any schools (academic or online)
that offer degrees in Biblical Languages, they are mostly offered as part of a degree program in Bible, Biblical Literature, or Theology.  If you did a BA, say, in New Testament, you may likely get a lot of Greek, enough to actually work with the text.  It depends on your learning objectives. If you don't need the academic credit, you can study the languages on your own.  I have a fantastic Greek book by Jim Found called GREEK IN TEN MINUTES A DAY.  You learn the alphabet and to identify basic words.  William Mounce has a Greek introduction called GREEK FOR THE REST OF US.  Jeff Benner has a good introduction to Hebrew and another is THE FIRST HEBREW PRIMER.  EKS Publishing has a lot of Hebrew books, biblical and modern.  They have a book on prayer book Hebrew.  EKS has a website, and these other books are on Amazon.  With biblical languages, I think you'd eventually have to take an academic course, especially if you wanted to do s graduate degree.  If you just want to learn the languages, there are plenty of resources to study by yourself.  The central headquarters of Reform Judaism has a lot of Hebrew learning materials.  Peter Jones has a good book on learning ancient Greek.  It is not the same as biblical Greek, but it is very similar and is s good introduction.  Joel

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