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i'm trying to find the exact steps i would need to follow to become a self-ordained minister in the province of new-Brunswick Canada any help would be of great assistance

You need to see if the local/area government has any requirements regarding what is a minister.  The law in Canada is likely different than in the US.  It may require that one be serving a church or have theological education. In the US, areas differ about who is and isn't a minister.  Regarding ordination, check the website of the Universal Life Church.  If you're looking for something that is more Christian, there are churches that will ordain for free or for a small fee.  You can find these groups by typing "ordain minister" (or something similar in the search engine).  Usually, the definition of a minister is set by the church.  You do need to find what legal requirements there are to perform marriages.  That can be  found through your area/provincial government.  The right to perform marriages is the main issue.  Anyone can do a funeral, but it is marriage that requires legal standing.  A person can be "ordained", or be a minister, if he/she serves a church.  Check with your government authorities to see if there are regulations about standing as a minister or doing marriages.  In the US, in some states, a person who is notary public, a civil official, can be marriages.  See what your laws say, or you could check with a local church.  Joel

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