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I started to read some beliefs on the Reform Bahai faith and like to learn more. Not sure if it was the same person but you stated on the comment page of for "Universal Principle of Reform Bahai" that you were a Reform Bahai.

How does a person convert the Reform Bahai? Are the Reform Bahai a cult? Are they similar to the Israel Bahai such as the administrative orders and NSA? Do they share the same prayer, fast and rules as Israel Bahai?

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ANSWER: Reform  Bahai is a new group. It is not recognized by mainstream Bahai's. To be a  member identify yourself as a follower of Bahaullah. It  gives freedom to members


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QUESTION: Are you a member of this group?
Also what do you mean it give members freedom? Does it mean that members don't have to fast or do their daily prayers? Basically Reform Bahai are allow to practice whatever they want and not follow any leaders. Unlike the mainstream Bahai?

The position of the Reform Bahais is patterned after the Unitarian Universalists which stresses religious freedom for
the follower.  For example if I was mainstream Bahai I could not hold membership in a church.  To Reform Bahai's that is my choice. With mainstream Bahai's I could not be an election judge because I have to belong to a party.  Again this is up to me.  As in any church people are free

are free to read scriptures for themselves. The same is true with Reform Bahais.

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