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I have 2 maternity leave replacement contract, I just got a full time job offer from different district, how  do I get out of the other contract, I'm afraid I will be in trouble, but I just want them to understand even though I love their school I will be left with nothing after maternity leave ends, and I must take the full time job with benefits, I have a month until my next maternity leave but te contract says I need 60 days...


This is a tough one.  Personally, I think you go directly to your superintendent or principal, whoever is in charge of the contracts, and tell them what you told me.  As an administrator, even though I had contracts for people, I also recognized that they needed jobs that fulfilled their needs.  I had part-time teachers who, when they found full-time jobs, I happily released from their contracts.  A teacher who isn't happy isn't someone I want teaching my students - if you know what I mean.

I will bet that the administrator (if he/she is the highest level), will work with you to terminate your contract without penalty.  

Now, there is always the chance that he/she won't!  In that case, you have to weigh the risks against the benefits.  Yes, a vindictive administrator can bad-mouth you to others, but in my experience, it doesn't last long.  And, assuming you stick with your full-time job, you will get good reviews in the future.  I don't think ANYONE can fault your decision in this economy.

Joanna - NOTHING is more important than your integrity and your honesty.  You have clearly stated to me, your reasoning.  It's not like you're backing out on your contract to go sit on beaches and drink iced tea.  Tell them.

All my very best to you ...


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