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Dear Debba,

I have a job interview on Monday and I was wondering what I need to include in my portfolio from my student teaching seminar class. I was asked to bring my portfolio on the job interview.



I would strongly encourage that you ask the person conducting the interview.  These things are often standards that a particular school district might want to see.  When I have had interviews, I've simply come prepared to talk about my philosophy of education and classroom management, so I'm not sure what to tell you.  And when I interview someone, I look at what they bring me, but far more stands on how the interview goes in person than on what is on paper.

That being said, if you don't feel comfortable calling for that information, I would prepare a brief summary of your student teaching and any other pertinent information that you feel might be helpful in defining you as a teacher.  If you have pictures, include those.  And if you have samples of culminating activities, those might be good, too.  Be sure to write a reflective piece that shows how you self-evaluated (what you think went well, things you might want to do differently the next time and why, and things you would omit in the future).

I hope that is helpful.


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