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I have been interested for some time in becoming a high school mathematics teacher.  I myself graduated not long ago from college, and although I did not major in math, I do have a good background in it (with a number of college credits, scores of 5 on the AP Calculus exams AB and BC, etc.).  However I find that few schools will consider me because I am not certified, and since I now have another full-time job plus an hours-long commute each day, I do not have the spare time to pursue certification.  Since I am looking into a number of different states to teach, I am wondering if there is some type of universal or nationwide math-related test that someone can study for in their spare time that, if they pass it, would give them the necessary credentials?  I don't see how else someone in my case can make a start in teaching math, even if they have a good ability in it.

There is a common test called the Praxis provide by the ETS. Just do a Google search for "Praxis Math" and it will take to the site. Unfortunately, many public schools, due to federal No Child Left Behind rules, require an undergraduate degree in the subject field. At the same time many "charter" schools are exempted from these same regulations. Check the site for all 50 individual state requirements.

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I am teaching or have taught AP physics B and C [calculus based mechanics & electricity and magnetism] as well as Lab Physics for college bound students. I have a BS in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Arts in Teaching from same. I have been teaching physics for 27 years.

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