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Dear Mrs Evans,

I'm thinking of producing an ebook (or hard copy if a publisher likes it) but i'm not sure if it will be a worthwhile investment. I hope you can help me out here. Thank you :)

There's an ancient Persian love story i know that is usually spread by word of mouth (it's 800 years old). It's truly an amazing and beautiful love story, and I aspire to translate the whole story into English. I will be the first author in the world to do this. However, the Persian book which describes this story is *incredibly* rare. I could not find it in any bookstore or library within Europe (i'm from the UK).

Fortunately, I've got in contact with an Iranian man who can send me the PDF of the book as he has this rare book in his possession. Despite this, he wants 450 ($720) for this book, no less! He knows how rare this book is, so I think he is trying to rip me off- but i have no alternative.

So, in conclusion, do you think it's likely i'll get a return of 450 or above for selling this particular ebook/book? I don't want to suffer a loss because i'm still a student and money is important to me. This will be the first book i'll write professionally.



Hi Ryan,

Many thanks for your question.  First off, I should mention to you that writing a book or any book for that matter is not all there is to it.  You need to take into account the fact that you have to create a writers platform and market the product yourself.  It doesn't matter whether you self publish or go the traditional route and acquire a publisher, you will still be required to take part in marketing and promoting the book even if it is only an e-book.  

also you have to check into the copyright for the book because even though it is not written in English it may still be under copyright and this also includes translation rights and you could get yourself into a lot of trouble if you don't have permission to do this.

If the book is out of copy right and in the public domain you might be able to find it on sites such as Project Gutenburg which has a large number of public domain books.  A deep web search for the title of the book could bring you up some results and also it might be worth checking with a few libraries to see if they have a copy.

I would be very dubious about sending someone that amount of money for a book as you have no guarantee that you will receive the book.

Those are just my thoughts and I hope they help you.

Kind regards,


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