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Dear Amanda J. Evans,

My name is William. My purpose for writing you is the question, When it comes to controversial topics, Should I write as a Ghost Writer? I am seeking to create a new website, and a portion of the website will be used for blogging, and a portion will be used to sell products, but as for the blogging part both of the subjects I write about are controversial in essence: Politics & Religion. The website will specialize in biblical prophecy as tied into current global events, but as controversial British Author Salmon Rushdie indicated, and even more recently the Charlie Hebdo incident not everyone seemingly has the civil capacity to tolerate free speech in an intellectual debate regarding disagreements (Or even if a government holds a differing view). Therefore, as an Author of course I want my work protected not only concerning any copyright infringement purposes in relationship to my style, and the namimg of the website, but also with the use of my own name. However, we live in a different world at this time of earth's history. I'm an American... Any suggestions? Do you think somewhere on the website I should authorize it with my real name? Almost forgot... If I get business cards I figure I would still need my real name somewhere on the cards anyway, and if I can set up a way to take charge cards my real name would still have to be used (Or maybe not... Maybe only if a money order is used). Amanda, thanks for reading this, and I will await your reply.


Hi William,

My apologies for the delay in replying to your question.  I haven't used a pen name before so I am not an authority on the subject but I can tell you from following other authors that use pen names that they create a whole persona using their pen name including social media platforms.  

Another thing that has become really popular is to use initials.  This way you still get to use your real name but by using your initials you are not putting your full name out there.  This could be the way to go.  

I for example, write under the name Amanda J Evans, but I also plan to write in a different genre under A J Evans or use my married name A J Donnelly.  Either way I am still writing as me but not as recognisable if that makes sense.

I hope this has helped a little.

Kind regards,


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