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Dear maam Amanda,

Good day! I have a few questions here about writing. I hope you can help in finding the answers. I know that you are busy and so a brief answer will do. I hope you can spare a part of your time in answering my questions.

1) what is the proper margin if I write an article? I mean, the distance on both sides - the left side of the paper and the right side as well. Also, concerning the space between the sentences from top it 1 space or 2 space?

ex.   the boy is good in singing songs.
     The boy is good in singing songs.

2) Do you know of any websites that can help me learn more about writing?

3) Do you have any ebook you can to share with me about writing or creative writing?

I am a simple person from Philippines, and I really want to know on how to write not an english native speaker - and so I welcome any information about writing.

4) I read every now and then a phrase that says "there is money in writing"...well, I feel that it is hard to get money through you have any idea on how to earn by writing?

Thanks for reading. I hope you will write back. God bless!

Hi Ram,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.  In relation to your questions, I will do my best to answer them.

1. In relation to margins this will depend on what you are writing.  Microsoft word and other writing software have the margins already set and I never change these.  If you are writing articles - non-fiction you will not use an indented paragraph style.  It is just block margins with a space between each paragraph.

If you are writing fiction you will have to use indented paragraph styles where the first line of every paragraph is indented.  This is information on how to do this all over the internet and a quick Google search will help you to find this.

2.  There are also hundreds of different websites that will provide information on writing.  Writer's Digest is a great one.

3. I don't have an e-book at present that I could share but again a lot of websites offer free guides when you sign up for their newsletter and there are plenty of free books and guides available on Kindle too.

4.  yes you can make a living and earn money from writing but my advice to you would be to find writing jobs in your native language.  If you don't write and speak English natively, it can be very hard to earn a decent amount of money writing content.

I hope I have been of some help to you.

Wishing you all the best in your writing.


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