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Dear Greg Miller,

I do online blogging. Yet, I'm unsure WHEN to place a blog in my Archives section. How much time should I give it? Here is my situation and my scenario. For example, If I wrote a blog in May 2015, Do I place it in my Archive section now? Or should I break it up to two archive sections: 1) Recent Archives and 2) Older Archives? Also, keeping up blogging is becoming a challenge, since I'm secretly writing a book. I'm now writing on two fronts. My blogging has slowed to about once to twice a month (with the exception of now. I'm about to post a blog today, and I posted one last weekend). Finally, should I announce I'm writing a book on my website, or should I wait until I have a book deal (or self-publish) as I approach the finish line? Thank you. I will wait for your answer.

Hi William -
What is the address of your blog so I can take a look?
I don't know how to advise you on your archiving question, but I would be happy to address your second question about how to position your book.
Also, one or two blogs per month might be a perfectly fine rate of posting, depending on the goal of your blog. What would you say is your goal?

Write on.

Greg Miller
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