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Carnivorous Plants/nepenthes dying, possibly from mold on moss


I have a nepenthes aka tropical pitcher plant. I have been growing it for about 3 years. Each year I re-pot it in sphagnum moss and have always been buying the same brand. This past time I re-potted it, about 3 days later I started noticing the pitchers looked like they were shriveling up and soggy. Soon after that I noticed the leaves wilting and getting dull/darker. Instead of being shiny they were leathery. A few days later, little spores of white fuzzy mold started popping up everywhere. They spread and killed a sundew and venus fly trap in the tank as well. I tried using a fungicide on the moss to get the spores to stop spreading but it didn't seem to work. Luckily, a month or so previous to all this, my plant sprouted a new vine so I cut it, used rooting hormone, and re-potted that in fresh sphagnum moss. I should also mention this moss I use is brown and dry but eventually starts growing again after planting. I thought after getting fresh moss put in, the mold would stop. I even used a new pot but a few days after planting again the mold came back! I don't want all my plants to die, so your advice on stopping mold would be very appreciated. It's odd because I have never seen it in the past years. I keep my plants in about 50-60% humidity and keep the moss damp but not soaking and it gets good air circulation. Thanks!

Hello gavin

First of all, remove all the infected plants from your terra, and put them in quarantine in another terra.
The moss you talk about is probably sphagnum dry moss.

Do you add a new plant to your collection recently?
Without a picture its hard to say. Do you have some pictures of the infected plants ?

In my opinion, you should repot all infected plants. By the
time of the repotting, remove all the mold, and the infected parts.
Grow them in less relative humidity(%) for a while.
Also, try growing your terra plants on the dry side.
Too much water = problems.

Let your plants show you the way. When the plant show some signs of lack of watr,
add water. You will learn to know your plants, and watering them just before the signs.

Hope this help !

We will wait for the pictures !  

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