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recently, through a convoluted series of events, I moved across the state and my poor baby brier plant got left behind. Being a monogamous plant-owner, I was very attached to the little thing, and still miss taking care of her. more recently, our new apartment is full of flies all the time. So, to kill two birds with one stone, I was considering buying a carnivorous plant. My only experiences (aside from the brier which would live through EVERYTHING) have been with field flowers and flox, and one bonsai tree that I killed. Where should I begin, or what plant would you suggest researching? Would a carnivorous plant actually make a difference with the house flies?

Hello Hallie :)

Im sorry for your bonzai ! Its always sad losing a plant!

For your house flyes, i suggest some drosera or VFTs!
Theses plants are very good hunters, if your flyes are not too big.
You can start with some classic plants like venus fly trap, drosera binata or drosera capensis. Very easy to care of, and your flyes will be attracted to the plants after a few weeks.

If your flyes are big, the best plants are sarracenia, but its easier growing them outside in full sun or behind a *very* sunny window.

Hope this help :)  

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