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Carnivorous Plants/repotting my nepenthes deroose alata


My plant is now almost two years old, hangs on my balcony on the northwest corner and is enormous! I have it in a basket with coconut lining and potting soil but am reading that isn't correct. It is the largest hanging pot Home Depot has and it is way too small for this enormous plant with leaves hanging down as if it wants to come out of the basket.
Is it possible to divide the plant into two or more sections or will that kill it? I have photos and can share them if that helps. I don't want to hurt my plant and want it to thrive.

Hello Barbarajo

First of all, congratulation for your big nepenthes. The specie alata is one of the most amazing nepenthes !

And of course you can split your plant.

Your nepenthes have a main vine, and some secondary vines. You can cut the others vines.
Put your new cutting in a typical nepenthes soil.
The soil(and its good for your big plant too) is 75% orchid mix, and 25% peatmoss.
For myself, i use 25% peatmoss, 50% perlite and 25% dry sphagnum moss.
After that, you have to bag them. I mean put your cutting into a closed plastic bag with the pot.
This will raise the relative humidity to 100%.
When you will notice the first little grow, open slowly the bag a little more every day.

You can find all this at your local gardening store.

AND of course, use rain or demineralized water, and never use standard potting soil! This will slowly kill your plant.

Hope this help!

PS: we want to see your big alata, if you have a picture!  

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