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hey mate how are you iv recently recived some cobra lilly seeds and i was wondering whats the best way to germinate these i live in australia on mid north coast its summer here now should i wait till winter to do this or will the fridge do the same job

how long should the be in the fridge?
whats the best way to trans plant them once they germinate ?

im kinda new to carnivarous plants so any info on germinating to basic care would be greatly appreciated

thanks for your time i hope you have a very mery christmas

kind regards
andrew misselbrook

Hello ! Thanks for the wishes :)

Darlingtonia seeds are easy to germinate, but sometimes the seedlings are hard to keep alive.

You can skip the first winter dormancy, so you can sow your seeds at any time :)
From my experience, wet stratification is the best way.
Just gently drop your seeds on a hydrated live or dead sphagnum pot, bag all this and put the pot into your vegetables case in your fridg(at 4-5C) for 8 weeks.
After that, bring your pot to a warmer location, like a humid terrarium, or keep them in the bag, but open the bag everyday.

The germination is kind of fast, like 2-3 weeks.
Nights at 16-18C and days at 22-23C is perfect.

When your seedling will have 3-4 true leaves, you can put your littles guys in their own pot.
Be careful with the tiny roots :)

The key with darlingtonia, is the soil temperature. Always keep the roots colder. You can do  this with ice cube on the soil, made with demineralized water of course.

Hope this help!

If you need more info, message me back.

A very happy xmas for you and your family!  

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