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Hi there! Have you ever tried to fertilize your nepenthes? I've heard that it's safe but I'm not sure how do it. I was wondering if you can explain to me how to fertilize a nepenthes with coffee. I wanted to try it with my N. glabrata. Thanks for the help! :)

Hello ian

Of course you can fertilize your nepenthes with coffee.
For myself i feed all my neps with dried blood worms, but you can use coffee for nitrogen.

The method i learn, is simply use a LITTLE piece of coffee(1cm) and add 2L of rain water.
Always use caffeine free coffee. Mix well and mist (2-3 shots max) the leaves, and inside the pitchers.
Be careful, don't over fertilize your neps!

But its a alternative way to feed your plants, the best method remain using bugs or orchids fertilizer :)

Hope this help,

Good luck !  

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