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I live in Zone 8, so the temp and humidity is okay. I decided to try it outside, and do my cuttings in fluorescent lights. Distilled water, yay for 85 cent per galleon at Walmart! It is almost spring, so I guess I will skip dormancy. I hope that this is what you meant for comparison. I'm sorry about this being late, I had to go to a church thingie.
         Thanks, Yoshi

Hi Yoshi,

The single, biggest mistake first-time growers make with Venus flytraps is assuming they are tropical plants, and they're not.  That's what I wanted you to see.  Since you live in Texas, you have lots of options in growing North American varieties without all the special equipment often needed for indoor growing.

Now, having said that, watch your weather.  Your plants were in very poor conditions in the store, so they will need some TLC when you first put them outside.  Keep them a bit shady for about a week, then move them to a sunnier spot.  Don't let them freeze since they are not adapted to it.  They didn't spend the fall outside, so they didn't go into normal dormancy.  You will see leaf burn at first, but just cut those off.  When the new ones grow they will be much healthier.  Your plants will also benefit from being transplanted to larger pots.  Also, as you get into summer, some light shade cloth (about 30%, not full shade!) in the afternoon could be beneficial since your summers can be so hot.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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