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I live in Pennsylvania. For my VFTs dormancy,i just left them outside. They have been looking pretty good except today,when i uncovered them the new groth that is coming up looks a little weird. Like the edge of  the new growth looks like it has ripples in it. My plants have been kept outside and the LFS has  been frozen for the past 5-7 days. Do you think my plants will be ok?
Also,do you think i could bring my plants inside and put them by  a window to keep them dormant? If so,would it hurt to bring them inside while they are frozen?The place i am talking about is in my house,but it is an empty room,which does not have a register, but my house is always in the 70s.
Or since my VFTs have been dormant since early to mid October,would it be  ok to take them out of dormancy now?
Please let me know.

Hello Leslie,
I wouldnt suggest leaving them outside, PA is known to be extremely cold, I would suggest putting them in an area where it will be warmer and more protected. You can definitely bring them inside next to a window, that is what I do. Since, they would be close to the window, they would experience colder temperatures then what would be in your home.  It will not hurt them since they are frozen, since venus flytraps do go dormant, it is expected that it will die all the way back. I wouldnt suggest bringing them out of dormancy until mid march. Please let me know if I can help further.

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