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I grow several Sarracenia, VFTs, and temperate sundews in Columbia, SC - and we're expecting to see some unusual freezing temperatures over the weekend. Since our weather closely mirrors that of Wilmington, NC (with a touch more summertime heat), I've always left my CPs outdoors year-round, with the seasonal changes dictating their dormancy and growing periods.

However, as this will likely send them into dormancy about a month earlier than in previous years (we're also expecting temperatures to return to our seasonal averages next week), I was wondering if I should bring my plants in an unheated garage for this first round of frost.

At any rate, I'm curious to hear your advice on the matter - and have enjoyed reading your sage wisdom in the past.
Kindest regards,

An early frost presents no problem for your plants.  It happens in the wild, and plants adapt.  If you're concerned about current leaves on your plants, you can bring them in an unheated garage.  Otherwise, if you were to keep them outdoors, they'll just brown early.  It also takes a series of overnight frost to trigger true dormancy.  A single overnight frost doesn't do this.  It's a gradual process.  

So it's primarily a judgement call.  Your plants will survive just fine either way.  It's usually a matter of preference and weighing the issue of moving your plants inside temporarily for the sake of saving current pitchers for another month.

At our nursery (Zone 8), we grow all our cold hardy plants strictly outdoors.  They are subject to all of nature's erratic weather systems.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

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