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This is jim,from cleveland ohio.i have a growing question,but i'd like to say thx rely helped me with the grafting nepenthis, im going to mess with it this spring.i have a nepenthis rajah, bin growing it for a year and a half,and its not that happy with the growing conditions im giving it.i read that its a slow growing ultra question is what conditions are good for n. Rajah being an ultra highland,i dont know how its different than a normal is in equal parts dry spagnum ,perlite,and orchid bark.with 100 wat equivilant floresent bulbs 10 of them for 14 hours a dayThe bulbs are on bendy arms, so i can move them close or move them away if need be.i water every other day .insite on this would be much apresiated,thx again.

Ultrahighland Nepenthes require cool nights, 45-55F.  Without it, they expend more energy than they produce and never grow large.  The light source also needs to be very strong.  You should use a compact fluorescent bulb that has an actual output of 40 watts or more.  (Avoid using equivalent output because this differs among manufacturers.  Always check the actual output.)  The light should also be about 8 inches above the plant.  

Because of the demanding conditions this species has, it rarely grows large in cultivation.  Only a small handful of growers are able to grow this plant to its potential.  The vast majority of growers end up with plants looking similar to yours, and I am no exception.  I recently gave away several specimens because they were withering in my greenhouse.  I simply don't have the right conditions for this plant, and they actually looked worse than your plant.  Those who are successful use expensive setups to control temperature, humidity, and lighting.  This species does not grow well as a regular houseplant.  

I recommend growing Nepenthes that are easier to grow.  We specialize in plants that grow well as houseplants.  For now, you may need to be content with the current appearance of your plant.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin  

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