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Typical sundew
Typical sundew  

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Red Leaf  
My Drosera Capensis's [red leaf, white leaf, and typical] are grown in the sunniest part of my backyard patio in northeast ohio. I try to at least get them 4 hours of good sun. I grow them outside when the temperature is above 55 degrees F and I bring them inside at night. I grow them in 1 centimeter of distilled water. However, the red leaf has weird silver spots, the typicals leaves are curling, and the white leaf's needle things that hold the dew are curling and the leaves are getting brown tips. Is there something wrong with my care?

Hello David.

From my experience, this is overwatering.
The temps are a lil low so maybe standing water is not a very good idea.

Try growing your cepensis mostly on the dry side, and moving the plant also can stress the plants over time.

Top watering your plants when your top soil starting to get a little bit dry.

Also, this plant love high relative humidity, so the highest the best.

hope this help!

PS: root some leaves cuttings for a good backup for each plant genus.

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