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I have a Big Jaws cultivator when I bought it there was only three traps
I aerated sphagnum  peat and RO,steam distilled or rainwater depending on what I had at the time in a upstairs window got lots of sun and light,cold or rainy days got either 10 or 12 hours under LED light gave me 7 new trap stems.
Despite trying to hold off dormancy until Halloween was a lost cause, the leaves turned yellow despite lots of water and light! I did not want to stress the plant and put it in a cool place and plan to mist it 2 times a month just until the surface is moist.

I do have a question, I got this plant bareroot and it already had 1 inch traps on it
when this plants starts to grow again will I get those large traps again?
Before it died back, it gave me a variation in trap size and only opened 2 a small one and a trap a little larger,both ate freeze dried bloodworms before dying is this a normal thing for the plant to do?

Hello Dennis

Going dormant is a natural thing, you cannot go against this cycle.
Even with massive lighting and heat, often the vft will go dormant, or will become very weak, and will die in the next summer or so.

So if your plant show signs of dormancy, just let it be and provide cool temperatures (day/night at 4celcius max)

For your question, yes. Your plant will produce the same traps, same size, every season. Your cultivar will maybe produce normal leaves in early spring, and late fall.

Hope this help  

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