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I think I have a Drosera capensis (please confirm or correct) growing in one of my Sarracenia pots. When is the best time to dig it out to bring it indoors? My understanding is that Drosera capensis does not enter winter dormancy.

A little background: a few years ago I acquired an indoor carnivorous plant collection from a relative. The sundews were flourishing in the terrariums, but the Sarracenias were not. I moved all the plants outside and in turn the Sarracenias flourished and the sundews gradually disappeared. I thought they were dead until this one emerged after four years and repottings.

Also, I'm in zone 8a (western Washington)

Thank you!

Yes, the sundew seems to be a Drosera capensis.  It's possible that it sprouted from an old seed that was finally in the right conditions.  Though it's considered a tropical plant, it can be grown outdoors throughout the year.  It'll simply die back in winter and sprout anew in spring as long as the roots are well protected.  I have a customer in the Portland area who grows his Cape sundews outdoors in a 4-inch pot.  They come back every year.  For us, we grow them as a tropical plant.

With that said, it's a judgement call on your part whether to nurture the plant indoors or keep it outdoors to fend for itself.  (This species is very common in cultivation, so you can easily replace it with a well-established plant.)  If you want to nurture it indoors, then dig it out soon before you get an extended frost.  

For information about potting mix and optimal growing conditions for this plant, read our care guide online.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

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