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I have a question

I buy a beautiful plant a venus flytrap a ginormous. Im worry about when i have to put the plant to hibernate.

In the page said: Venus Flytraps are Dormant in Winter! If you order them during their dormancy, the plants we ship will appear smaller than the ones photographed. They will, however, quickly grow to the size of the photographed plant when they resume growth in the Spring.

But where I live is allways tropical should i put the plant into the refrigerator when I recieved it ? Or should I wait for the next year ?

Hello Gabriel

Congrats for your new dionaea !

If the plant came to your house dormant, just bag them in a ziploc with 3-4drops of water (no more). This tiny amount of water will keep your plant away from dryness, and away from rotting up. Unbag and repot next spring.

Or, you can put your plant in a good soil mix and ending the dormancy by keeping the plant in warmer conditions.
This way, you will have your big plant faster. But if you fo this, be sure to give your plant 4months of dormancy next year.

Hope this help

Good growing !

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