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hi this is jim,my n. ventricosa is finally flowering after 5 years of nepenthes care boot camp Ive put it threw lol.this is the first time i've got any of them to flower,so i dont have any experianse in this aria. id rely like to use gunther's(thats his name} polen. but theres no other nepenthes flowering around at the moment.i'm prety shur i cant use the polen on the same plant, but how do i store it after plants get 14 hours cpf 26 watts. ten bulbs,about 8inches away.watered every 2 days,with a humidifier going at all times,equal parts dry sphagnum,orchid bark,perlite.srry im on anouther computer, so i cant send a picture, but he's got 2 vines growing up dol rods about 1 and a half feet tall,and five new nodes starting at the bottom of the vines,and i just gave all my plants a thanksgiving cricket meal.i live in cleveland ohio, but i on ally put them out side in summer for a few months and they do better in side under the lights've bin an imense help with every thing thank you, jim

Hi Jim,

I'm going to direct you to a thread on this subject.  We've never stored Nepenthes pollen, so I have no experience in this area.

In order to successfully pollinate Nepenthes you need two plants in bloom that are different genders.  Nepenthes are either male or female.  They don't have both floral parts on the same plant.  A plant (like yours it sounds) that produces male flowers will only ever produce male flowers.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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