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N Distilleria
N Distilleria  
QUESTION: Allexpert,

I was wondering if this plant was going to make it.   I have watered the plant with Superthrinve(1/4 teaspoon)  and fertizler (1/8 teaspoon).   I have done this for a month.  The plant suffered major root  disturbance the last time I transplanted the plant.   Grows currently in a terrarium.  

Grow info
temperature=67 Degree
Humidity = 80%
water= distilled
lights= 12hours



ANSWER: Hi Weylin,

This one's not dead, but it could use some help.  Nepenthes distillatoria is a true lowlander originating in Sri Lanka.  It is used to hot, humid weather.  You need to get the daytime temperature up some.  You should probably have this plant up in the 80's during the day, and no lower than 70 at night.  It is very similar to N. bicalcurata in what it likes.  Don't fertilize for awhile.  Wait until it looks better to resume.  It can't utilize the fertilizer if it's not growing well, and your media is looking a little slimy which can be from the fertilizer.  With warmer temperatures you should see some improvement in a couple weeks.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Allexpert,

I forgot to mention that I have a growth mat that produces heat. The heating mat is under the terrarium.  What can I do raise the temperature?   Also another thing that you pointed out is that the soil is slimmy, should I change the soil?   Again thank you for your time.   



Hi Weylin,

If your air temperature in the tank is still 67, it still may not be warm enough.  It would help if you get an infra-red thermometer to see what the actual temperature of the pot and soil is, or use a temperature probe.  A grow-mat with an adjustable temperature is one way to get the temperature up.  You could also put a jar full of water in the tank with an aquarium heater in it.  You just have to watch the water level in the jar so the aquarium heater doesn't get out of the water, but they are very inexpensive.  This would also add a little extra humidity to the tank.  I once saw an elaborate version of this with a grower that was growing Wooly sundews.

I wouldn't do a transplant at this time.  Nepenthes have a hard time with transplants anyway, so this would just add more stress.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
Sarracenia Northwest

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