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Hi! Today I acciedently kicked over my dormant mexican butterwort's pot, it only had the short and non-carnivorous leaves. (I believe it is a Pinguicula moranensis) When the pot knocked over, the entire plant just fell out onto the floor. It only had a few tiny and short roots which is probabaly why it came out so easily. I just put the plant back into the pot and tried to tuck the few, remaining roots back. Will my plant be okay after this? Is it supposed to have this few roots?

Hi Victor,

When Mexican butterworts go dormant it's usually in response to a dry season, so they have very few roots.  Just put your plant back, or take the opportunity to repot it in fresh media.  If any of the resting bud leaves broke off, lay those on some fresh butterwort media that is being kept wet, and in a bright place.  (Under fluorescent lights works best.)  Almost everyone of those will strike roots and grow into a new plant.  This is definitely a time you can take your being given a bunch of lemons and make some great lemonade!  Pinguicula moranensis is a very tough plant, and this coming out of the pot shouldn't hurt it.

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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