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Sundew terrarium
Sundew terrarium  

Sundew terrarium
Sundew terrarium  
My sundew is in a class terrarium covered with plastic wrap, and there's no dew drops, what should I do?

Hi Freeman,

Thanks for sending the photos.  That really helps.

Here's what you need to do.  Transplant your plant to a regular pot.  Either plastic or glazed ceramic is fine, but it must have drain holes.  Undrained containers build-up bacteria and rot roots.  After you transplant, move the plant to a bright window, but not super sunny.  It works if you have other houseplants to partially dapple the light, or have the plant in a North window.  Putting the plant under fluorescent lights will work too.  Place a clear plastic cup over the plant.  Over the course of two weeks, gradually prop of the cup a little more each day until the plant can handle normal room humidity.  After that move it to a sunny window such as a South or West window.  Make sure the pot has a shallow tray of water under it.  The soil should always be wet.  Also, your water should be either rainwater, distilled water, or water purified by reverse osmosis.  Sundews hate hard water, and most tap water is hard.

You may see some leaf-burn when you first move it to a sunny window, but that is normal just cut any off that get burned.  New ones that grow will look normal.

The main reason your plant has no dew is lack of light.  Most sundews, including your Cape Sundew, are full sun plants.

For more information on growing tropical sundews visit our caresheet pages:

Good Growing!

Jeff Dallas
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