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Carnivorous Plants/Carnivorous in Arizona?


I want to be ale to grow a carnivrous plant in a pot a pitcher plant in a pot. but can i grow it indoors and can that be done in Glendale, Az what local stores sell carnivorous plants other than venus fly traps?


Sorry, i was out of town.

Of course you can Mikayla!

If you mean sarracenia, you need to protect your plants from the overheating afternoon sun.
You can shade with a cloth.
And don't forget to give yours plants plenty of demineralized water.

If you mean nepenthes, you need a terrarium, because of the desert air.
I don't know if you have local carnivorous plants store, but you can order from, or

Sarracenia NorthWest is a good place too.

Hope this help!

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