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unknown green nep...
unknown green nep...  

Long time buyer/grower, first time panic... haha. Ok, So I have 3 hanging pitcher plants. Only one of them I know the name. It is a Nepenthes Miranda and the other two have small green pitchers (these plants I saved from craigslist). I am using your nepenthe soil I bought from you at an rare animal expo about a year ago. ANYWAY I have been without pitchers on all of them for about 8 months. I used to have a compact flourescent on Miranda and she turned red and burned a little. Then I read to mist them, put them in a more sunny spot, etc. all with no results. You can see from the pics that they dont look very happy. I know it is just now starting spring but I sure would love an abundane of pitchers on these plants. We recently moved and I have the two green ones hanging in the kitchen next to windows that recieve alot of light but they dont get direct light. The Miranda is hanging in the family room next to a similar facing window (I think north facing). Should I continue to mist? I am watering about once every week and a half. Should I bump that up?

Thanks for taking the time help.


Thanks for uploading the photos.  That helps me out a lot.  The problem is that your plant is hung too high.  It needs to get direct sunlight.  By placing it that high up and away from the window, the plant isn't able to get adequate sunlight.  Your plant is showing all the symptoms associated with low light - bright green leaves, lanky growth, no pitchers.

Nepenthes Miranda requires several hours (3-5) of direct sunlight.  When the plant gets adequate sunlight, the leaves will turn slight red.  This is completely normal and characteristic for this hybrid.  Yes, it may burn initially, which is similar to us getting sunburn when we're not used to being out in the sun.  Overtime, our bodies acclimate.  The same is true for plants.  You can reduce the risk of burning by gradually exposing your plant to direct sunlight over the course of 3-4 weeks.  If burning occurs, don't worry about it.  You can clip the damaged leaves later.  All new growth from that point on will be well acclimated to direct sunlight.  It may also take 6-12 months before your plant looks lush again.  

Misting also has no affect whatsoever on plants.  It doesn't increase ambient humidity at all.  There are many growers who grow beautiful Nepenthes that don't mist their plants.  However, they do give their plants the proper sunlight.

For more information about growing Nepenthes, read our care sheets online:

I also recommend watching our DVD, Volume 3.  We show you the type of window and lighting that is required for Nepenthes.

Good growing!
Jacob Farin  

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