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Sundew / Terrarium
Sundew / Terrarium  
Hey Daniel,

I just purchased a sundew to help keep up with the fungus gnats generated by my succulent terrarium (the succulents do not seem to be overwatered, but I have just switched them into moss—they were in soil before). Would it be possible to transfer the sundew directly into the succulent terrarium without risking underwatering the sundew or overwatering the succulents?

Hello Elisa :)

My name is not Daniel, but i will try to assist you the best i can !

Can you tell me what kind of drosera you have?

On the picture, the plant look like a aliciae or spatulata.
Anyway, you can put your sundew into the terrarium. All you have to do is watering around the sundew. You dont have to water the others plants if you water a little bit each time. And by doing this, your drosera will never be overwatered.

But the best carnivorous plant for your setup is a pinguicula. The watering cycle is almost the same; you can water all the plants at the same time.

Hope this help.

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