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Carnivorous Plants/venus fly trap dead or alive?


QUESTION: I have a venus fly trap.  I got it in December from Bug Biting plants.  It was a small, green plant wrapped in a small bit of paper towel.  I put it in the refrigerator for dormancy.  Now it looks dead.  It looks gray and there is no green.  A while ago, when I was pressing air out of the bag that was holding the venus fly trap, I heard crunching.  I think I might have crushed the rhisomes.  Do you think it is dead or alive?  If alive, what should I do?  I am wondering whether it is just dormant.

ANSWER: Hello Caleb,
In a case like this, if the rhizome is white, then its still alive, however, without pictures its hard to tell. I always tell people to avoid the fridge method, because you are risking mold and fungus, not to mention venus flytraps still do require sunlight even though they are dormant.

Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: If we are to avoid the fridge method, then how do you recommend making this and possibly an american pitcher plant go dormant?  We were advised by one person to put it in the garage for the winter but we were concerned as there were no windows, which meant the plant would not get light.

Hello caleb
What I do is in the winter I put my traps in a storage out on my balcony.  I use a timer and an 42 watt cfl. I have been using that method for years. I am not saying that you definately shouldn't use the method.  I personally just advise againist it. If you would like to talk to a lot of others check out my website.


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