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QUESTION: I live In a very dry climate and its extremely hot in summer it can easily reach 100 or more degrees Fahrenheit I am planing in buying fly traps and sarracenias flavas  but I was concerned that the climate is too dry for them or too hot will it be fine to grow then outside?

ANSWER: Hello Alberto,
I too live in a very dry climate, texas panhandle to be exact. Sarracenia are very good at handling dry hot climates. The only task you will have is keeping it wet all the time, I had this problem esspecially since the water here is so hard. But, with a little loving tender care, full sun and daily waterings, you should be able to grow these outside.

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QUESTION: Thank you but I was also wondering what other plants can put beside my sarracenias so could you please tell me what other plants can handle this extreme climate outside?

I would only suggest venus flytraps and sarracenias, because they are relatively hardy plants. Other than that, there isnt alot that you can grow outside. If you would like, visit our site, there is a chat room there that Id love to chat and help you grow them :)

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