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I recently purchased a new tank to keep my Heliamphora Minor in.  It had appeared to be thriving in the old setup but I needed more room, and thought that this new Exo-Terra terrarium would allow for more ventilation as that is one of their selling points.

The conditions inside of the new tank are definitely a bit different.  It has been a little bit warmer than I'd like to see with lower humidity.  High in the low 80's(F), lows still in the mid 50's as before.  Humidity has been down around 40% at times but I covered the screen top with plastic wrap and now it's around 70%.  I've actually considered moving it back into the old setup despite the $ that I spent on this new tank.

Since I have moved the plant into it's new conditions, it has developed little dark spots.  They don't scratch off, I tried.  I can't find anything on the internet as to what they might be.  It has only been 4 days as I received the tank on the 13th and didn't set it up right away.  Can you help us?  Thank you.

The spots you see are issues related to acclimating from high humidity to lower humidity.  They are minor leaf damage from sudden loss of moisture.  This is normal and often unavoidable regardless of how careful you are with acclimating your plants.  The most you can do is let your plant be and allow it to adjust to its new conditions.  This plant will acclimate to lower humidity.  All new leaves will be perfectly acclimated to the new conditions.  However, since it is one of the most slowest growing carnivorous plants around, don't expect too much.  A young plant like yours might produce a new leaf every 2 months or so, and you might not see its first adult pitchers in 2-3 years!  

Good growing!
Jacob Farin

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