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Red Shade Cloth
Red Shade Cloth  
A VFT grower on the east coast uses red shade cloth to cover his growing rooms. He reports that this results in vigorous growth and good coloration. Do you know anything about this? The reason I ask is that I live in San Diego. I have a bog garden outside and the sun can be quite intense in the summer, with the plants losing some green coloration, turning somewhat yellow and looking stressed (aka "cooked") from the sunlight. I'd like to use some shade cloth to minimize this, and if using red colored cloth has benefits, then I'll buy that.

Also, what percentage shade cloth would you recommend in general? 30%? 50%?

Thank you much for your help on this.

Hello Kirk,
Thankyou for joining today. I have honestly never heard of a specific color of cloth working better than another, Nor do I have much experience in using shade clothes. If he was repotting that the color of shade cloth does work, Id definitely be open to giving it a try. Percentage I would go at least 50 :)

I hope this kind of helps

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